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When it comes to robust online systems, the team of GLAC Consulting is here to make sure you are aware of everything we offer. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the protection of your company. We take pride in being one of the best top cybersecurity companies. Your company can count on our cyber security services. 


Our Web Connections To Systems in Real-Time

  • GLAC Index
    • Indicators and factors measurement by an entity.
    • Trend charts.
    • National ranking.
    • Comparative radials.
    • Data cubes by sector and scope.
    • Sectoral indicators, areas, theme.
    • Variables correlation.
  • Governability and Early Detection Control Panel
    • Thematic monitoring.
    • Custom graphics.
    • Real time contents.
    • Trend lines / contents.• Georeference.
    • Reputation.
  • Strategic Planning Control Panel
    • Planning: an automated selection of indicators by position, trend, correlation.
    • Modeling and predictive analysis.
    • Calculation of human, technical and material resources.
    • Development of lines of action, programs, strategic priorities and public policies.
    • Implementation, monitoring and measuring progress.
    • Assessment.
  • Risk Assessment System
    • Entity risk.
    • Corporate risk focused on productive processes and investment strategies.
    • Threats identification.
    • Vulnerability analysis.
    • Effect assessment.
    • Card and matrix risks.


Security With Wellbeing

The GLAC service offer increases the capacity to detect strengths and vulnerabilities, measurement, risk management, predictive analysis, and the implementation of strategies for comprehensive assistance of insecurity.

  • Sectoral analysis:
    • Measurements of indicators and factors that affect the Security with Wellbeing.
    • Development of strategic priorities, programs and lines of action.
    • Project management.
    • Public policies.
  • Integral study of insecurity
    • Illicit markets.
    • Criminal logistics.
    • Institutional decay.
    • Social determinants.


More About One of the Top Cybersecurity Companies

We are a corporation that integrates renowned experience and knowledge in security consulting, technology, and risk management; with internationally prestigious consultants with more than 20 years of service in public safety, national security, and intelligence. 


Includes a focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and threats, as well as crisis management through risk management and assessment with the purpose of minimizing impacts of current threats to the aviation industry.


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Stay on top of cyber security threats and get a forensic computer analyst today. Here at GLAC Consulting, you are our priority. Trust one of the top cybersecurity companies. Our mission is to Integrate knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge technology to decision making that involves basic security, technology, and risk control solutions as well as enterprise risk management for the private sector and the public sector. Our vision is to contribute to the strategic decisions that transform the world of security, keeping our customers at the forefront in technology and project development. We value professional services with Integrity. We offer cybersecurity services, too. Visit our office near Miami to get all the advice you need to protect you against the next data breach. Call us for cyber security services today.