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GLAC is a corporate entity that integrates recognized experience and knowledge in Security, Technology and Risk Management; with consultants of international prestige of more than 20 years of service in the areas of Public Security, National Security and Intelligence.

The consulting services provided by GLAC are performed by an executive team with extensive experience responding to crisis and unsafe situations in complex environments around the world, by the development of comprehensive security plans and programs, as well as the analysis and processing of high-value strategic information for decision making at both corporate and official levels.

In the development of Predictive Analysis and Strategy in Risk Management, GLAC generates a global security index (GLAC Index), with its own algorithm that integrates information and statistical data from the Political-Social, Economic-Financial and Security – Justice Sectors, to measure and identify risks, threats and opportunities in business and government.

In the area of technology GLAC develops and integrates systems and equipment for telecommunications, information systems, computer security, technical tracking and global localization

Security consulting

Integral measurement of variables that directly and indirectly affect security as a whole from our security risk assessment. 

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Risk Management

GLAC Risk Management integrates an international executive team of expert consultants in high risk situations response.

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Solutions in Infrastructure and telecommunications, Equipment and technological solutions in security, Cyber ​​security, Technical localization center.

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