Vulnerability Assessments for Online Assets Vs. Penetration Testing

vulnerability management program in Miami

The process of recognizing, analyzing, and ranking vulnerabilities in computers and other related systems in order to equip the IT personnel and management team with adequate information regarding prevailing threats in the environment. With the appropriate information on hand, the risk factors can be thoroughly understood and required measures put into place without wasting any time. Vulnerability assessment is a process that is not specific to any industry and can be applied in all industries, from IT systems to Energy and other utility systems. Read on to learn more about vulnerability assessments for online assets vs. penetration testing, and the importance of a vulnerability management program for your data. Protect your business and call GLAC Consulting for a risk management analysis today! 


The Importance of Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability assessment is able to offer deep insights on security deficiencies in any given environment, and assists in analyzing the vulnerability of a system to a specific threat as well as possible developing ones. Basically, an organization is able to fully understand the flaws in its security, the overall risk, and the assets that are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. In order to stay protected and to fight surprise attacks, you should put into place a thorough program for vulnerability assessment. 


Vulnerability Assessment Program Versus Penetration Testing


While penetration testing is ethical hacking, it can also be known by the name pen testing. The systems in question are tested, which can include a computer system, network, or web application in order to figure out which defense vulnerabilities a cyber criminal can make use of in order to exploit and hack into your system. In the majority of cases, a vulnerability assessment is typically conducted along with the assistance of a penetration testing component to recognize vulnerable areas in an organization’s procedures or processes which may not be generally detectable with network or system scans. In industry terms, this process is not very often labeled as penetration testing/vulnerability assessment, or VAPT. Penetration testing enough is not able to get complete clarity of the prevailing vulnerabilities- in fact, it is one of the approaches. The procedure will let you know the appropriate ideas for mitigation in order to reduce or remove the risks. Moreover, automated network security scanning tools give reports on vulnerability assessment which have to be dealt with through evaluating specific scenarios and goals of attack. Enterprises should run vulnerability tests periodically in order to make sure that their networks are safe, and it is particularly vital when modifications are made, i.e when new services are added, new equipment is installed, or ports are opened. Penetration testing on the other hand includes recognizing vulnerabilities in a network, which then encourages attacks on the system in order to derive a remediation formula. Even though it is carried out in synchronicity with vulnerability assessments, the main goal of penetration testing is to investigate if a weak point really exists in the given systems. On the other side, in order to prove that an exploit is real, it can damage the network or application in the process.


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