7 Signs You Have Malware & The Ways To Get Rid Of It

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FInding out your computer has malware is a nightmare. It doesn’t matter if this happens at your home or in the workplace. Regardless, it is always a hassle and all your information is vulnerable. Luckily, GLAC Consulting is here to ensure you are fully equipped with malware protection. Today we want to discuss seven signs that you may have malware, and how to get rid of it. We specialize in risk analysis and are located near Miami.


What Do You Do?

You notice your computer is beginning to act strangely. It is not as fast, and it seems to be running programs you never verified. These are all indicators of malware. However, do not freak out. There are ways to get rid of it. But how did this happen?


You may have stumbled on to the wrong website, or open the wrong email. It happens. There are various programs on your computer that you install that interact with each other. Sometimes, though, a slow system or weird behavior can be an outward and visible sign of an inward and terrible malware infestation. How do you know if you’ve got a malware problem? If any of the seven warning signs below match your experience, malware may well have compromised your security.


Signs You Need Malware Protection

  • You are getting popup ads everywhere
  • Your browser keeps getting redirected
  • An unknown app sends security warnings
  • Mysterious post appear on your social media
  • You get ransom demands
  • You system tools are disables
  • Everything seems perfectly fine


How Do You Get Rid of It

If you think that malware has taken up residence in your PC, install a powerful antivirus application or security suite immediately. Already got one? Then apparently the malware got past its protection. Make sure your antivirus is entirely up to date, and run a full scan.


If you still have an unwanted app your regular security software can’t get rid of you can scan your PC again with an on-demand cleanup tool, such as Malwarebytes. Do whatever it takes to get that nasty, malicious program out of your system as soon as possible before it invites friends to make your security problems even worse.


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