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Take advantage of the benefits of a forensic computer analyst today. We are the experts to trust. Here at GLAC Consulting, our risk analysis is proven to give you the security your business needs. Our cyber security company is conveniently located near Miami. 


Our Technology Solutions

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
    • Equipment and technological solutions (physical or virtual media), to perform processing and backup of the information contained in data centers.
    • Wired and wireless networks, for voice, data, and video services. IP solutions and structured cabling.
  • Equipment and Technological Solutions in Security
    • State-of-the-art equipment and technology through international firms for integral solutions in the areas of security and intelligence.
  • GLAC Shield
    • Cybersecurity
      • System and digital network protection.
      • Vulnerability assessment.
      • Cyber-risk and critical infrastructure management.
      • Prevention and intrusion detection.
    • Digital Forensics Assessment
      • Analysis of computer incidents.
      • Impersonation, fraud, and cyber threats.
      • Recover of information.
      • Preservation of evidence.
      • Analysis of evidence.
      • Incident reporting and documentation.
    • Computer Emergency Response Team
      • Response services to cybersecurity incidents.
      • Preventive and reactive measures to cybersecurity incidents.
      • Risk management in cybersecurity.
  • Technical Tracking Center
    • Geo-referenced data for the location of individuals, vehicles, objects, and shipments in real-time.
      • Global positioning equipment.
      • Early alert monitoring system.
      • Predictive analysis.
      • Data, voice and image backups for worldwide tracking.


You Can Count on Forensic Computer Analyst

The field of computer forensics is the information security branch of law enforcement and is closely related to forensic science and criminal justice work; therefore, most computer forensic analysts work for law enforcement agencies. The role of the analyst is to recover data like documents, photos and e-mails from computer hard drives and other data storage devices, such as zip and flash drives, that have been deleted, damaged or otherwise manipulated. Analysts often work on cases involving offenses committed on the Internet (‘cyber crime’) and examine computers that may have been involved in other types of crime in order to find evidence of illegal activity. As an information security professional, a computer forensic analyst may also use their expertise in a corporate setting to protect computers from infiltration, determine how a computer was broken into or recover lost files. 


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We are a corporation that integrates renowned experience and knowledge in security consulting, technology, and risk management; with internationally prestigious consultants with more than 20 years of service in public safety, national security, and intelligence. 


Includes a focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and threats, as well as crisis management through risk management and assessment with the purpose of minimizing impacts of current threats to aviation industry.


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Stay on top of cyber security threats and get a forensic computer analyst today. Here at GLAC Consulting, you are our priority. Trust our cyber security consultant. Our mission is to Integrate knowle dge, experience, and cutting-edge technology to decision making that involves basic security, technology, and risk control solutions as well as enterprise risk management for the private sector and the public sector. Our vision is to contribute to the strategic decisions that transform the world of security, keeping our customers at the forefront in technology and project development. We value professional services with Integrity. We offer cybersecurity services, too. Visit our office near Miami to get all the advice you need to protect you against the next data breach. Call our cyber security company today.