Planning Cybersecurity Strategies for Large Businesses


Are you the owner of a large company or corporation? If so, what are you doing when it comes to cybersecurity strategies? Do you find yourself a little lost when it comes to planning? The experts and professionals at GLAC Consulting are here to ensure that you are fully aware of all cybersecurity strategies that can positively affect your business. Come to use when it comes to cyber security services near Miami.


You Will Win The War

It seems like a very great and wise idea to build a solid defense that prevents successful cyberattacked. However, nothing is completely bulletproof. We must be realistic. Did you know that 67 percent of global enterprises have been breached? This has been so common that it is not a question of “if” you will be attacked, but rather “when” will you be attacked? Losing the battles is inevitable, however, with the right strategy defending your business, you can sure that you will win the overall war.


A very common approach is relying on external perimeter firewalls, internet proxy services, and gateways. Doing so is very flawed because one attacker finds their way around your line of defense, they have a clear path to your data. This is the most valuable asset to any company.


Cybersecurity Strategies

  • Cloud Services
    • The enterprise has embraced the cloud, and cloud services have increased in the last few years. While 81 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy today, 77 percent have correctly identified security as a challenge. It is not unusual for an enterprise to be working with 20 different cloud providers. Businesses and their end users are typically using hundreds of cloud services at any given moment. This all adds up to massive potential for data leakage, for data loss, and for regulatory compliance issues.


  • Consider Your Partners
    • It is vital to apply the same scrutiny to your rapidly growing ecosystem of partners and cloud services as you do to your own organization. If you do not carefully manage this complexity and achieve a high level of oversight, then you run a genuine risk of fines for non-compliance. Your customers are no more likely to apportion blame to a third-party partner than the regulators, so you can add reputational damage to the threat list.


  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    • Employ AI and behavioral analytics to scan for patterns and identify anomalies and suspicious traffic. If something is out of the ordinary, you can shut it down automatically with the right, properly configured tools, effectively slamming that door shut before the attacker gets in. Real-time monitoring that encompasses analysis of data movement and traffic patterns, combined with micro-segmentation of your network, can prove very effective.


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