2019 Cyber Security Trends

cyber security trends near miami

Technology grows exponentially, expanding rapidly more and more every year. However, this also means that there are ever more ways for hackers to infiltrate your cybersecurity. When it comes. More headlines regarding cybersecurity seem to pop up every new year, usually of the negative sort announcing the latest breach in data or cyber attack. Unfortunately, cyber attacks grow ever more sophisticated as technology develops. While the consumer may be frustrated with this, enterprises are even more scared- a serious cyber attack could be the death knell for their enterprise. Fortunately, the cybersecurity industry is hard at work preventing, harnessing, and mitigating attacks from every angle. Moreover, consumers grow ever more savvy, and there are more sophisticated business security systems such as GLAC Consulting. Read on to learn more about cyber security trends in the coming year. GLAC Consulting near Miami provides cyber security for businesses so you can protect your business and your clients. Call us today for your cyber security needs!


Cybersecurity Concerns in 2019


As secure as you may think your system maybe, you can be sure that hackers will be trying to target your information from all angles. One top consideration in 2019 is how secure your weakest link is. In 2019, the internet of things (IoT) landscape is an exciting one. Thanks to advancements in connectivity such as5G and eSIM that allows for greater bandwidth while decreasing overall costs, there is a great promise for the proliferation of IoT devices throughout a large variety of industries. The downside of IoT devices, however, is that it’s difficult for them to provide acceptable security. In 2016, there was a hack on IoT devices via the Mirai botnet, and since then the threat landscape has been on the rise, growing by 6 times from what it was in 2016-2017, as security firm Symantec notes. The entire network can be put at risk, not just individual devices, which is concerning as an attack can proliferate quickly across many devices. This means that organizations need to take ownership of their own IoT security, knowing how many and what type of devices access your network, and having appropriate business security systems and protocol in place.


Cyber Security Trends in 2019


Another concern in this new year is the very real threat of AI system breaches. While you don’t need to be concerned about technology overtaking the human race at this stage, it is possible that cybercriminals will utilize AI for their own purposes and even attack AI systems directly. As the cybersecurity toolkit relies more and more on AI and machine learning, AI then becomes more important to the cybercriminal. As machine learning produces fewer errors than humans, the majority of cyber breaches are due to employee negligence. The Equifax data breach in 2017, for example, compromised the data of over 147 million customers, and ultimately was blamed on the company’s oversight when it came to their software vulnerability.


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