Cyber Security Risks To Retail Stores & Companies

Cyber security risk assessment in miami

When it comes to hackers, they are continuously learning new techniques and tactics to gain access to personal and confidential information. Not only do they target individuals, but they have started going after retail businesses as well. Over the past few years, retailers have become the primary target of many hackers since they can access an endless number of people’s information through one source. Because of this retail companies need to focus a lot of their attention on conducting a cyber security risk assessment. Finding a cyber security company that can help you achieve these goals is an essential part of making sure your company is secure. If you’re in the Miami area, GLAC Consulting can help you thoroughly assess your organization’s current security and help find ways to improve it.


How A Cyber Security Risk Assessment Can Help Your Company

As technology has advanced over the last few years so have hackers’ ability to gain access to confidential information. Utilizing these different technologies in your business is what keeps you competitive and allows you to continue gaining new customers. This is why it’s important to find a cyber security company that can help guide you in implementing new technology while making sure the security of your business is never compromised.


One of the largest problems companies are experiencing are with the adoption and use of the “cloud.” One pro of this technology is that it allows you to store and access information and documents from anywhere. However, this type of technology leaves you vulnerable to software bugs and malfunctions. This also means that the personal information of your company employees and customers could be easily accessible to hackers. Regardless of how large or small, your organization is if a hacker gets into your system thousands of people can become victims so making sure your cloud is appropriately secured is essential to keeping your business safe.


If you’re running an e-commerce platform, it is important that you’re aware of the fact that they typically feature older IT security systems. Even if you have a newer e-commerce platform, it still may not be completely resistant to a hacker’s advanced techniques. Unfortunately, hacking has advanced at a faster rate than the security of e-commerce platforms, which means you system requires constant monitoring to ensure it’s adequately secure. However, reviewing the platform’s security has been a low priority to a lot of businesses. They have put providing a positive customer experience on top of everything else, which could be a major mistake. The lack of attention to security means that your applications are going to continue to be at risk.


Another risk factor that many retailers face is when accepting credit card payments. Not having a secure system to do this can leave your customers’ information open to the dark web. Because of this significant risk, the government has passed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This compliance standard provides a process for businesses that handle credit card transactions to follow. It grants retailers control over the credit card payments they process and allows for steps to be taken that can protect and prevent personal information from theft and fraud. In the United States, if retailers are found non-compliant with these standards, they could be fined up to $100,000 each month or up to $500,000 for each security incident that occurs.


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