What Do GLAC Security Consulting Services Include?

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Our Security Consulting

This makes for an integral measurement of variables that directly or indirectly affect security as a whole. Calculation of the level of Security with Wellbeing at country, state, and county levels. The service includes the following:

  • Executive documents and information services
    • Dossier GLAC
      • Substantive information on the Social-Political, Financial-Economic, and Justice-Security areas, measurement of components that generate violence:
        • Illicit markets.
        • Criminal logistic.
        • Institutional decay.
      • Trend analysis of GLAC Index and prospective.
    • Security with Wellbeing Panorama: national, state, and county level
      • Strategic situation of the security conditions contained by the entity of interest. Analysis of the substantive variables by area.
    • Security in strategic sectors
      • Analysis of specific indicators and factors by the sector that impact on security for the systematic continuity and optimal operation.
    • Thematic studies
      • Acquisition, analysis, processing, and integration of substantive information regarding specific topics with an impact on security.
    • Risk Agenda
      • Risk identification through factors and indicators in a particular time for the studied entity.
    • Risk assessment
      • Strategic measurement and analysis of the vulnerability level and type of threat that determine the risk at the organizations, entities and individuals.
    • Predictive analysis
      • Modeling of variables that have an impact on Security with Wellbeing.
  • System process development and technology integration
    • Security Master Plan.
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Development.
    • Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) Development.
    • Design and development of operational systems with performance assessment.
  • Corporate audit 
    • Due diligence of enterprises and partner targets.
    • Assets’ tracking, fraud detection, internal investigations,
    • and intellectual property.
    • Reputation and image assessment.
    • Assessment and restructuration of processes.
  • Security and intelligence integral solutions


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We are a corporation that integrates renowned experience and knowledge in security consulting, technology, and risk management; with internationally prestigious consultants with more than 20 years of service in public safety, national security, and intelligence. 


Includes a focus on identifying security vulnerabilities and threats, as well as crisis management through risk management and assessment with the purpose of minimize impacts of current threats to aviation industry.


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