Why Businesses Are Turning to Cyber Security Companies to Build Customer Trust

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There are many threats out there in the world. You probably don’t think any of those threats are targeting your business. Think again. Cyber threats can actually be attacking your files as you read this sentence. Because of this, it is imperative you take advantage of a cyber security business to keep your assets protected and way from online intruders. At GLAC Consulting, we are a cyber security company that is experts on keeping our client’s safe, which in turn builds toward customer trust.


Think About This

If you are selling a product or service, you are now basically selling trust. Consider these two conflicting trends. Conflict number one: There is an increasing reliance on software to keep everyone protected. Because of this, 71 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs now are claiming that they are running technology companies. The second conflict is the inherent privacy and security vulnerabilities that are related to the software itself.


Because of these trends, companies everywhere will need to prioritize their data privacy and security. They must clearly demonstrate those priorities to consumers and also safeguard their relationship with customers by being completely honest about the dangers of date in the digital age.


Consider this situation: A few years ago, the Norwegian government realized that it bought almost all of its critical technology from outside of Norway — think of the software that runs things like electric stations, water pumps, and cellular towers. Untrustworthy software might, for example, allow access to Norway’s data in ways the government would disapprove — for example, to defraud the government by promising one thing and doing another, or to intentionally cease to function at a planned point in time.

These issues raised pressing national security questions: How could the government trust the technology it was increasingly reliant upon? What could Norway actually do to verify that it could depend on the software it was using?


Try Our Cyber Security Business Services

GLAC is a corporate entity that integrates recognized experience and knowledge in Security, Technology and Risk Management; with consultants of international prestige of more than 20 years of service in the areas of Public Security, National Security, and Intelligence.


The consulting services provided by GLAC are performed by an executive team with extensive experience responding to crisis and unsafe situations in complex environments around the world, by the development of comprehensive security plans and programs, as well as the analysis and processing of high-value strategic information for decision making at both corporate and official levels.

In the development of Predictive Analysis and Strategy in Risk Management, GLAC generates a global security index (GLAC Index), with its own algorithm that integrates information and statistical data from the Political-Social, Economic-Financial, and Security – Justice Sectors, to measure and identify risks, threats, and opportunities in business and government.


In the area of technology, GLAC develops and integrates systems and equipment for telecommunications, information systems, computer security, technical tracking, and global localization.


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Stay on top of our cyber security company. Here at GLAC Consulting, you are our priority. Trust our risk analysis. Our mission is to Integrate knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology to decision making that involves basic security, technology, and risk control solutions as well as enterprise risk management for the private sector and the public sector. Our vision is to contribute to the strategic decisions that transform the world of security, keeping our customers at the forefront of technology and project development. We value professional services with integrity. We offer cyber security business services, too. Visit our office near Miami to get all the advice you need to protect you against the next data breach. Call us today!