How Deception Changes the Rules of Engagement in Cyber Security

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Did you know there are techniques out there that not only provide early detection of malicious activity, but also an invaluable insight into an attacker’s methods? In history, deception has been one of the classic strategies underpinning offensive and defensive tactics in military warfare, but what does that mean for cyber security awareness. At GLAC Consulting, we are the expert cyber security services near Miami, your company can trust.


Be Prepared For The Attack

Think of it as a cat and mouse game between IT security teams and cyber attackers. It is the attackers who typically have the upper hand. Once they have bypassed perimeter defenses to breach a network, they can lie in wait undetected for weeks, months, or even years to conduct surveillance and gain valuable insights on how to bypass defenses and gain access to the targets they are seeking.


Businesses and organizations can take all measures appropriate to prevent an attack but, given their scale, sophistication, and determination, it’s virtually impossible to defeat all the attackers, all the time. The attackers have the advantage of deciding when, where, and whom to target, and have the luxury of making multiple mistakes while still achieving their goals.


Creating an active defense against the adversary is no longer reserved only for the organizations that have in-depth resources or have mature and sophisticated information security programs.

Deception technology re-writes the playbook and uses the most beloved game of deception against the deceivers themselves.


It gives the defenders something that they have never previously had: a real strategic advantage and the ability to change the symmetry against their adversary. Cyber deception works through decoys that appear to be real production assets and are attractive to an adversary. This is coupled with deception baits or lures that appear to be practical and attractive to the cybercriminal which will then redirect them into the deception environment. Believability and coverage are fundamentals to deception, and the more authentic systems are designed to appear identical to the production environment, running on the same operating systems and services. Deception ultimately makes it so the attacker cannot tell what is real and what is fake and through either the element of surprise or enticement, are able to trick the threat actor into revealing their presence.


Cyber Security Awareness and Active Defence

While there is a clear value in early detection, deception technology also fulfills one of the most important strategic objectives in any battle. While organizations can automatically stop and deflect an incident after a detection alert, there are benefits to letting the attack play out in a safe deceptive environment. If you only stop the attacker, you won’t learn anything to better defend against them. They will learn a little more about you each time they launch an attack.


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