Cloud Cybersecurity Basic Strategies For Businesses

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In today’s day and age, it seems like everything is online. This means business and organizations all across the United States are doing some fancy footwork with security these dates in order to protect uses and also empower them to perform the tasks online. At GLAC Consulting we specialize in cloud cybersecurity. We also feature a risk management analysis. Located near Miami, we will ensure that your company is protected.


What Not To Do When It Comes To Cloud Security

When we advise clients to “go back to basics” for cloud security, we often look first at what they are doing now to secure their current IT environments. Such practices—whether good or bad—often extend to an organization’s use of hybrid and public cloud services as well.


For starters, we recommend abolishing some common, but risky security habits:

  • Stop the use of static, manual or state credentials.


  • The age of software-defined infrastructures and dynamic cloud services, it’s time to move from manual and often-unchanging user access methods.


  • Stop storing user IDs and passwords longer than necessary.


  • Given the growing focus on user privacy and regulations like the GDPR, it’s past time to start following some of the tenets adopted by the banking and payment card industry


  • Stop giving administrators blanket access to everything.


  • This practice may make an administrator’s life easier, but it has left a lot of damage and breached systems in its wake. Hackers often use such security loopholes with blanket Admin credentials to gain access to sensitive corporate data. Look into new solutions that easily control this type of access without causing a major headache for the administrators. Many do so while still ensuring appropriate governance.


Prepare for Cloud Cybersecurity

Check out these ways our risk management analysis team does to protect companies:

  • Start replacing blanket permissions, user IDs and passwords with multifactor authentication (MFA) and privileged access management (PAM).


  • Incorporate condition-based access to everything for everyone. The future will allow normal users to go about their day-to-day work without being prompted continuously for credentials. This will occur by monitoring behaviors and making appropriate decisions about when to escalate authentication and prompt for more layers of verification.


  • Look to tools that use AI and machine learning to help evaluate log data and help flag the difference between typical user behavior and questionable behavior that might fall outside the norm.


  • Start incorporating single sign-on for your users and customers, preferably from one cloud-based provider. For example, if you are using something like Active Directory in your on-premises environment, look for a provider that lets you automatically synchronize user login IDs/passwords from that system to a cloud counterpart. Similarly, consider offloading the hosting of user IDs and password databases to a reputable cloud provider.


  • Consider federation to securely collaborate with business partners, third-party vendors and contractors vs. creating their own user accounts on your network.


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