Top Skills To Look For With Incoming CISO’s

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Do you know what a CISO is? This acronym stands for a chief information security officer. He is typically responsible for an organization’s information and data security. When it comes to this critical role, there are some key elements that they must be skilled in. The experts at GLAC Consulting is here to explain what those skills are. We specialize in business security systems. We are located near Miami.


What Do They Do?

What does a CISO do? Perhaps the best way to understand the CISO job is to learn what day-to-day responsibilities that fall under its umbrella. Here are some of the positions key responsibilities:

  • Security operations: Real-time analysis of immediate threats, and triage when something goes wrong


  • Cyber risk and cyber intelligence: Keeping abreast of developing security threats, and helping the board understand potential security problems that might arise from acquisitions or other big business moves


  • Data loss and fraud prevention: Making sure internal staff doesn’t misuse or steal data


  • Security architecture: Planning, buying, and rolling out security hardware and software, and making sure IT and network infrastructure is designed with best security practices in mind


  • Identity and access management: Ensuring that only authorized people to have access to restricted data and systems


  • Program management: Keeping ahead of security needs by implementing programs or projects that mitigate risks — regular system patches, for instance


  • Investigations and forensics: Determining what went wrong in a breach, dealing with those responsible if they’re internal, and planning to avoid repeats of the same crisis


  • Governance: Making sure all of the above initiatives run smoothly and get the funding they need — and that corporate leadership understands their importance


Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Chief Information Security Officer

A CISO needs a solid technical foundation. Typically, a candidate is expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and 7-12 years of work experience; technical master’s degrees with a security focus are also increasingly in vogue. There’s also a laundry list of expected technical skills: beyond the basics of programming and system administration that any high-level tech exec would be expected to have, you should also understand some security-centric tech, like DNS, routing, authentication, VPN, proxy services and DDOS mitigation technologies; coding practices, ethical hacking, and threat modeling; and firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols. And because CISOs are expected to help with regulatory compliance, you should know about PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA and SOX compliance assessments as well.


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