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GLAC Consulting is a corporation that integrates our renowned experience and knowledge in security consulting, technology, and risk management and our internationally prestigious consultants with more than 20 years of service in public safety, national security, and intelligence. Our mission here at GLAC Consulting is to integrate our knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art technology with decision making that utilizes integral, security, technology, and risk control solutions as well as enterprise risk management for the private sector and the public sector. GLAC Consulting’s vision is to continue contributing to the strategic decisions that mold the world of cyber security in order to keep our customers at the very forefront in technological and project development. Here at GLAC Consulting, our highly trained and qualified security consultants take into an array of variables in order to evaluate the security of your business. Read on to learn more about our cyber security services and how we are dedicated to improving the security of your business. GLAC Consulting is a top business security consulting firm near Miami area. Call our North Bay Village, FL office today for your security consultation!


We Analyze A Variety of Variables


Here at GLAC Consulting, we help our clients with security risk and crisis management. This includes an emphasis on figuring out security vulnerabilities and threats, as well as crisis management through risk management and assessment with the purpose of minimizing impacts of current threats. We are able to provide cyber security services and improve your business cyber security through the analyzation of an extensive array of executive documents and information services. Our security analysts use take the integral measurement of variables that directly or indirectly affect security as a whole in order to give a thorough assessment of the security of your business. Here are some of the variables and measurements that we take into consideration:

  • Dossier GLAC- This covers the social-political, financial-economic, and justice-security sectors. The Dossier GLAC contains the analysis of the GLAC Index perspective as well as its trends.
  • Thematic Studies- Information that has been processed and systematized centering around specific topics with an impact on security. 
  • Predictive Analysis- Modeling of the variables that prove to have an effect on security with well-being.
  • Security and Well-being Panorama- A strategic situation of the security conditions contained by the entity of interest at hand, executed by a security consultant that the party in question can trust.
  • Risk Agenda- Risk identification through Factors and INdicators in a particular period for the party involved
  • Strategic Sectors Security- Analysis of specific variables by sectors which can have an effect on security
  • Risk Evaluation- Strategic analysis of the vulnerability level and type of threat which determines the risk level at the various organizations, entities, and persons evaluated


Business Security Consulting You Can Trust


Here at GLAC Consulting, we are dedicated to the security of your company. We assist in the management of corporate and business risks, risk assessment and management, and the prevention of money laundry, terrorism and corruption. Cyber security has never been as big of a risk as it is today, which is why businesses need to protect themselves with regular evaluations. 


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