Dark Web Markets Are The New Amazon For Criminals

dark web markets in miami

Ever heard of the dark web? Did you know there is a market out there for stolen data? There are some tools out there in cyber world that helps individual steal data and make money by hijacking other people’s computers. It is easier than ever before for a person to engage in cybercrime thanks to next-generation dark web markets. We are not telling you this information to scare you. We are showing you so that you can beware that you must protect your company with cybersecurity services. Luckily. GLAC Consulting is here to keep you on top of the evolution of these cybercrime markets. We are here to help you, Miami.


Not Your Typical Google Search

A dark market is defined as a website that enables the buying and selling of illegal goods, typically on a subset of the internet that does not show up on Google or Bing but is still reasonably easy to find. This article illustrates how far these markets have “evolved” in recent years, making cybercrime easier than ever.


Aspiring cybercriminals can now avoid risking their money doing deals with shady characters in obscure corners of cyberspace. Today’s dark markets come with star ratings, customer reviews, guarantees, and buyer ratings. Product offerings are listed in easy-to-navigate digital storefronts that make it a breeze to find exactly what you’re looking for; think Amazon or eBay for criminals. Use cyber security services to your advantage.


Why Go To Dark Web Markets?

We know you are not in the market for stolen data or other illicit digital goodies, but even if not, it is imperative you know about this topic. We want to make sure that companies and consumers and governments understand just how serious the cybercrime problem has become.


Items for sale include a malicious code for crimes like stealing information and cryptocurrency, illicitly logging keystrokes, and stealthily generating cryptocurrency. You can see that ransomware and denial of service products are also on offer.


Note that vendors are ranked and rated, as are products. Buyers pay in hard-to-trace cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Payments are often held in escrow until the buyer confirms that the transaction is satisfactory. You frequently see Help buttons, detailed FAQs, and Support options; sometimes there is Live Chat.


Shops that specialize in selling stolen payment card data have evolved from what used to be called carding forums. These days carding sites are no longer text-based backwaters of the internet. Some are out in the open and feature slick websites and aggressive advertising campaigns. They also sell compromised eBay, PayPal, and Amazon accounts.


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Absent drastic improvements in the way the world addresses the root causes of criminal activity in cyberspace, it is likely to continue unabated for some time, effectively undermining the benefits of digital technology. That means our efforts to protect systems and data from criminal abuse must also continue. Trust GLAC Consulting to stray your company away from those who utilize dark web markets. Call our cyber security services today, Miami.