Cyber Security Measures: Best Practices To Reduce Weaknesses

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No matter who you are or what you do, cyber attacks are imminent. It could be anything from a predator, changing environmental conditions, lower forms of life, or some other forms of life. For many of the natural world’s inhabitants, the question is not if, but more so when they are subject to some form of attack and how they will respond and emerge from the experience. This is the same idea for business as well. At GLAC Consulting, we specialize in internet security to keep threats from attacking your data. Located near Miami, we are experts in all things risk management consulting. Contact us today!


Who Is At Risk?

Companies who are most at risk of an attack and its consequences are those in which information drives a large portion of value generation and passes through many interconnected systems. If an industry has a complex application and system landscape they are also at high risk. This is because they rely on complicated or meshed networks. These companies include banks, automotive suppliers, and energy companies. Companies whose business is driven to a large degree by mobile transactions are also at particular risk.


In general, businesses that process large amounts of customer and financial information likewise face an elevated risk, with small and medium-size firms especially vulnerable. Many of these smaller businesses lack the budget and skills necessary to adequately safeguard their online or point-of-sales environments, for instance, making them popular targets.


Twelve Ways To Protect Your Company With Internet Security

While there are some necessary network security measures that everybody is aware of, such as physically protecting your infrastructure, using firewalls and antivirus software, and so on, there are also very effective policies and procedures that not every company employs.

  1. Employ a risk-based approach to security
  2. Form a hierarchical cybersecurity policy
  3. Update your software
  4. Backup your data
  5. Use the principle of least privilege
  6. Use two-factor authentication
  7. Handle passwords securely
  8. Change default passwords for you IoT devices
  9. Keep an eye on privileged users
  10. Keep an eye on third parties accessing your data
  11. Be wary of phishing
  12. Raise employee awareness


The cybersecurity practices mentioned above help you protect your data. However, implementing them is another challenge altogether. That is where we come in. We are here to provide your company with excellent risk management consulting.


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