Protecting Yourself From the Next Data Breach

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Technology is growing at an alarming rate. With this, so is the risk for a data breach. It happens all the time, and unfortunately, it will get more and more relevant. However, there are ways to avoid this unfortunate situation. GLAC Consulting is here to help. We offer our expertise and business security systems you can count on. Conveniently near Miami, we are a corporation that integrates renowned experience and knowledge in security consulting, technology and risk management; with internationally prestigious consultants with more than 20 years of services in public safety, national security and intelligence. Contact us at GLAC Consulting today!


Only You Can Prevent Scandals

Remember the Equifax scandal? It was when one of the three major credit reporting agencies were hacked and exploited to the world back in Summer of 2017. Roughly 145.5 million US customers could have been affected by this. This also included several the United Kingdom and Canadian residents. They had access to Social Security Numbers and your credit limits.


Who is to say this won’t happen again? What if it hit another credit bureau like TransUnion? This is more reason to take precaution just in case.


How to Protect You or Your Company From a Data Breach

First thing is first. Take it seriously. Do not think it won’t happen to you because it very well can. Look back at Equifax. Everyone who had a credit report was vulnerable. That makes your chances 50/50. Perhaps invest time and research on business security systems.


Be more aware. Be educated. Do some research. There are several websites and apps that can assist in monitoring your credit and provide alerts following a breach. They are also equipped with fraud alerts that will let you know whenever there is strange or suspicious activity.


It is also helpful to opt for the credit freeze. While monitoring your credit is handy, it doesn’t help you once your account has already been compromised. By the time you are aware of the suspicious activity, it may be too late, and all your money is gone. Even though many banks will reimburse you when these situations occur, it usually won’t show up on your credit report for 60 days. This is why freezing your account is the best option. But not just with one credit bureau; for the safe measure you must freeze all three credit bureaus.


Finally, get identity life insurance. Although there are many companies out there who provide this, you need to ensure you chose a company that is ready to restore your identity and will get your money back when a breach occurs.


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