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Genaro Garcia Luna of GLAC Consulting near Miami is proud to announce the release of his new book. As one of the new books to buy on Amazon, it has drawn much attention and will continue to do so as it grows in popularity. Garcia Luna is known for his interest in and commitment to the security of Mexico. With his cyber security company, he has redefined what it means to research and find real solutions to security issues. If you would like to learn more about his book or about GLAC Consulting, contact us today.


More About the Author


Genaro Garcia Luna is more than just the author of a well-received book. He is also the former Secretary of Security for Mexico. During his time in the government, he worked to help secure a better and safer Mexico. After his term was complete, he went on to form GLAC Consulting. GLAC Consulting is a cyber security company that is located near Miami which specializes in providing security solutions that are custom-tailored to the actual problems that affect the client. This is because GLAC Consulting uses a system called the GLAC Index. The GLAC Index takes a variety of different factors such as the political, economic, and social aspects of a location, and creates a score and forecast for how security will fare in that particular location.

The GLAC Index is renowned for its effectiveness and its revolutionary nature. As a matter of fact, it has been featured several times on El Financiero Bloomberg. It has also been able to help a number of clients in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We are proud of the service that we provide, led by Genaro Garcia Luna.

In addition to his work with GLAC Consulting, Genaro Garcia Luna also concerns himself with staying current with security issues. That is why his book The New Public Security Model for Mexico is in existence. It serves to educate about the current state of security in Mexico and how Genaro Garcia Luna seeks to fix it.


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If you are looking for new books to buy on Amazon, The New Public Security Model for Mexico could be the right choice for you. It not only details all of the ideas that Genaro Garcia Luna has about security for Mexico, but it also shows the insights that Genaro Garcia Luna is capable, thereby demonstrating his expertise.

From this source alone, you can see how beneficial GLAC Consulting would be for you. If you have security needs and are ready for a capable company to help you sort through them, contact us at GLAC Consulting.


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