The Efforts Against Drug Trafficking in Mexico

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As a leader in risk management solutions, GLAC Consulting near Miami is proud to be led by Genaro Garcia Luna, a man who is working to transform and improve the efforts against drug trafficking in Mexico. In a paper titled, “La problematica del narcotráfico en México y los esfuerzos institucionales para responder al flagelo” by Carlos Barrachina Lisón and Juan Ignacio Hernández Mora, the authors discuss complex reform developed by Genaro Garcia Luna for the country’s well-being and to modernize the public security system in the country. If you are looking for business security systems, we at GLAC Consulting are the ones to trust. We are led by a knowledgeable and talented leader who has ample experience in dealing with security systems. To learn more about our services, contact us at GLAC Consulting to learn more.


How is Drug Trafficking Being Addressed in Mexico?


The fact of the matter is that there are a number of statistics and studies detailing the state of drug trafficking in Mexico. The general consensus is that something must be done in order to see real change in the state of safety for the citizens of Mexico.


In Garcia Luna’s book, which was published in 2006, he presents a government program and transformation for the public security sector. The book is titled, “Contra el crimen. ¿Por qué 1661 corporaciones de policía no bastan? Pasado, presente y futuro de la policía en México” and he presented it to the country before being made Secretary of Public Security and before a war was declared against drugs. With the help of President Calderon, the reform seeks the political assistance so that the Mexican state does not lose sight of the direction they are taking.


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The fact that Genaro Garcia Luna is the man behind the massive reforms that are being taken for Mexico’s benefit is no surprise. What is truly astonishing is that he took that same skill and transferred it to business security systems. It is that same level of knowledge and problem solving that he carries with him into his company to assist those who are seeking real, long-term security solutions for their businesses. He utilizes tried and true analysis tools through the form of the GLAC Index and gives you a comprehensive understanding of what must be done to secure the safety of your business. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today.


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GLAC Consulting is a leading business security systems company located near Miami. We know that finding risk management solutions means being able to assess the dangers that are present in a particular area. That is why Genaro Garcia Luna developed the GLAC Index. Our revolutionary systems set us up to help you in the best way possible. Your security and the safety of the people you are responsible for is important to you; trust us to help you find the security solutions that are right for you. If you would like to learn more about our services or you have questions about the GLAC Index, contact us at GLAC Consulting today.