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Enterprise Risk Management Framework or ERM is an effective tool that companies can use to identify risks. Once the risks are identified, as a business owner you should take steps to develop a list of risks that have the capacity to increase in magnitude over a period. GLAC a leading risk management consultancy firm offers to organize a risk register for your business. The risk registers are useful in sorting, categorizing, and ranking the risks according to their nature and its possible impact on your business operations.


We will discuss a few advantages of having an ERM system for effective risk management and analysis to keep your business safe. Contact us at GLAC Consulting today.


Save your Business by Implementing a Risk Management Framework


The top management of the company can map these risks according to their impact and severity and take measures to reduce their business risk. Businesses face risks every day in different forms. Your business is at risk each time you decide to launch a new product line, squeeze in more budget into marketing, geographical expansion and mergers and acquisitions. Conducting a proper risk analysis will enable your business to have a context, which is used for resource allocation for risk management.

Structured System of Reporting Risks


Risk Management Framework supports a standardized and structured risk reporting tool. The standardized reporting allows you to track your business risks and give you plenty of time to focus your energy and resources to tackle the risks.


A structured risk reporting and management system will help senior managers in acquiring data associated with mitigation strategies with new and upcoming risks that your business could face. It helps senior management of the company to assess risks and take steps to control the organizational risk by effective risk analysis.


Better Use of Your Resources


The businesses that do not employ ERM in their business face major risks in managing and reporting such risks. Many companies do not have the necessary resources to tackle risk management consistently. For this reason, the employees will eliminate any redundant management functions in a proper and consistent manner.


While an ERM program is not a replacement for a framework that can replace day-to-day risk management. Businesses have to improve their risk management framework to help your business perform essential management tasks in a consistent manner. Companies are able to allocate the right resources to mitigate the risk after identifying it with risk analysis.


A Complete View Point on Risk Assessment


Using an ERM system permits your business to have a complete viewpoint on risk assessment. However, the conventional view does not focus on mitigation, avoidance, or acceptance of the risk. It provides the management of the company to have a better position in the market and enjoy the perfect market conditions by reducing their risks.


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GLAC, one of the best Risk Management Framework by introducing GLAC Index. It relies on using The Welfare and Security Model to keep your business safe from internal and external threats. For more information on how to keep your business secure visit GLAC’s official website.