Factors That Contribute to the Social Political State of a Country

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As one of the top business security systems near Miami, GLAC Consulting has its own system for determining which aspects affect the social and political state of a country. Our system is known as the GLAC Index, and it accurately tells the customer what the safety and security levels of an entity or country are and how they can make decisions based on this information. To learn more about this revolutionary system, contact us at GLAC Consulting today.


Factors the GLAC Index Considers


When considering the social and political aspects of a country or entity, the GLAC Index considers a number of different things. By taking all of these things into consideration, it is capable of giving our clients the most accurate understanding of what the security level is of a particular entity.

  •       Social Development: With social development, the GLAC Index evaluates the quality of life for the population and considers the level of human development, inclusion policies and social welfare, access to essential services for construction, migrant trends, and the budget destined to social progress.


  •       Education: In education, the quality of education with regards to the educational infrastructure is considered along with the average schooling of the population, the performance of teachers and students, school improvement programs, development of research, science and technology, and school violence and budget for education.


  •       Health: Here, the GLAC Index looks at the health sector. In particular, it considers the infrastructure and medical personnel, public health, environment, and budget.


  •       Executive Branch: This factor evaluates the performance of the executive branch and its components concerning public administration, corruption, and governability.


  •       Legislative Branch: With the legislative branch, the performance of the legislative branch is looked at in addition to its components regarding public administration, corruption, and governability.


  •       Judicial Branch: With this component, the performance of the judicial branch and its components regarding substantive and administrative actions is considered.


  •       Autonomous Organisms: This evaluates the performance of autonomous bodies and its components regarding substantive and administrative actions.


  •       Social, Trade Union, and Business Organizations: In the social, trade union, and business organizations, the performance of their activities on economic, social, and political terms are evaluated. This factor also monitors conflicts and social protests.

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We at GLAC Consulting do more than be one of the top business security systems. We also worked to create the GLAC Index, which can help you to make decisions based on the security level of a country or entity. If you would like to learn more about our services or you would like to see how our systems could help you, contact us at GLAC Consulting.


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