What Items Affect the Financial and Economic Security of a Country?

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Different intricate aspects affect the financial and economic security of a country or entity. As a risk management consulting company, GLAC Consulting near Miami knows firsthand how knowing about all these different factors can impact your decision-making process. We have worked hard to make an index that measures all these different aspects in order to give you the most accurate safety rating of an entity. Our methods break down the different occurrences and factors that affect security so that you can understand the logic behind the system itself. To learn more about the GLAC Index, contact us at GLAC Consulting.

The Different Aspects the GLAC Index Considers


When you are looking at the financial and economic security of a country, you must consider everything that could possibly impact those factors. That is what the GLAC Index does; it looks at all the different components of an entity and sees how that ultimately makes an impact on the different factors of that entity and how that relates to an overall score of security.

  •       Economic Development: The GLAC Index looks at the economic activity of an entity—whether that entity be a country or a city—and analyzes things such as agriculture, livestock, industry, trade, employment, investing, financial infrastructure, and the production of goods and services that ultimately contribute to the economic growth, income levels, and welfare.

  •       Public Sector: Another aspect that can affect financial and economic security is the public sector. Here, the GLAC Index looks at the aspects related to the public finances and monetary policy, including items such as income, expenditures, interest rate, and inflation.

  •       Private Sector: When looking at the private sector, the GLAC Index measures aspects related to household and private firms, including wages, private consumption, credit institutions, and the stock exchange.

  •       Foreign Sector: GLAC Index measures the economic transactions of goods, services, and capital on an international scope such as international reserves, exports, trade balance, tourism, foreign debt, and exchange rate.

  •       Energy Sector: With the energy sector, the GLAC Index evaluates the production, sale, and consumption of energy starting from the scarcity-abundance relation and the variety of non-renewable natural resources such as oil and gas in addition to renewable energies.

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We at GLAC Consulting are more than just a risk management consulting firm. We provide our clients with the opportunity to see how all the different aspects impact the security of the entity that they are looking at so that they can make wise decisions for their business. To learn more about the GLAC Index and our services at GLAC Consulting, contact us or visit our website.


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