What Factors Does the GLAC Index Analyze in its Algorithm?

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When you are looking to invest in business security systems, it is important to know the factors that impact the safety of your business in the area that it is located. That is where the GLAC Index by GLAC Consulting near Miami comes in. We are a business that understands the importance of proper security; that is why we care about making sure our clients understand what impacts their safety. To learn more about our index, contact us at GLAC Consulting.


Social & Political


Within the category of social and political factors, one of the most important things considered is social development. This looks at the quality of life of the entire population and considers the level of human development, inclusion policies, and social welfare. Other things that impact it are access to essential services for construction, migrant trends, and the budget assigned to social progress. All of this is in addition to education, which evaluates the quality of the education provided with regards to the actual educational infrastructure. Aspects such as the average schooling of the population as well the amount of school violence and budgeting for education impact this factor.

Along with those is the health sector of the area, this refers to the actual medical personnel, public health of the people, the environment of the health sector, as well as the budget. In this same vein, it analyzes the executive branch in all its components including the public administration, corruption, and governability. It also looks at the legislative and the judicial branch by looking at those same components. Additionally, it considers autonomous bodies with regards to their substantive and administrative actions. This includes social and trade unions as well as business organizations, and considers conflict along with social protests.


Justice & Security


There are many different aspects of justice and security that are considered, such as public security, the penitentiary system, the way that justice is procured, the judicial branch and how it functions, human rights and how they are represented, how many of the armed forces are present, the citizens’ perception of their security, and the crime registry at all levels, including national and local.


Financial & Economic


The financial and economic sector is composed of a variety of different factors including economic development in a number of fields such as agriculture, livestock, industry, trade, employment, investing, financial infrastructure, and the production of goods. The next thing it considers is the public sector, the private sector, and foreign sector, as well as the energy sector and how these perform in the target area.


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GLAC Consulting is a business security systems firm that invest in informing our clients of what the elements impacting their safety are. We work hard to create the most accurate and timely index of the target area so that you can make a sound investment in your safety.


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