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Learn From MoviePass, Secure Your Database!

Are you familiar with what happened with the company MoviePass? An exposed database on a MoviePass subdomain housing 161 million records were left unsecured and exposed credit card and customer card information on at least 60,000 of the ticket service’s...
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The Top Database Security Threats

Every single day in the United States, attacks are unleashed by hackers that are designed to steal confidential data, with the database servers of an organization often being the main targets of such attacks. According to the 2015 Verizon Data...
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Get To Know GLAC Consulting

How much do you know about GLAC Consulting? Our company strives on ensuring that businesses all across the continent are protected and that their data is safe. When it comes to the cyber security companies, ours is one of the...
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What Is a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Do you know why your company may need to carry out a cyber security risk assessment? The experts at GLAC Consulting is here to ensure that you have all the information you need to move forward. We are professionals when...
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Tips for Choosing a Commercial Security System

Choosing the perfect commercial security system is very important when it comes to protecting your business. While it is very important to look over the internal security and IT aspects, you must make sure you are also protecting the physical...
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