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Security welfare

Security welfare

The model of security welfare, analyzes:
Violence and criminal structure, direct components and indirect components

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Security model

Security model

Identify, measure, analyze and generate, operational intelligence for the implementation of plans and specific actions against insecurity.

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GLAC Index

GLAC Index

It integrates the substantive information from the GLAC index indicators for the implementation of tactical combat insecurity programs.

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Our Mission

Integrate knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology to decision making  that involves integral security, technology and risk control solutions for the private sector and the public sector.

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Our Vission

Contribute to the strategic decisions that transform the world of security, keeping our customers at the forefront in technology and project development.

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Our Values

We want our clients to always have the highest quality of services through our capacity for innovation, analysis, perseverance, learning, transparency, adaptability and professionalism.

Our services

Security consulting


Risk management

Predictive analysis for the generation of high value information for decisión making. Design and implementation of public polices with a perspective in Security and Welfare.

Telecommunications infrastructure.
– Equipment and technological security solutions.
– Cyber Security.
– Technical location center.

GLAC Risk Management integrates an international executive team of expert consultants in high risk situations response.

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